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Whi0216-005B-1   *OBSOLETE* Saw Arbor - Model 216
Whi0216-0005-1-KIT   *OBSOLETE* Spindle Assembly - Model 216
Whi0212-043D   1/4" NPT X 5/32" Run Tee Push Lok
Whi0212-043E   1/8 NPT X 5/32 Tube Run T
Whi1000-0027   1000 Blade Insert
Whi1000-000B   14" X 1" X 100 Tooth ATB Blade
Whi1000-0169   14" X 1" Z=100 TCG -5H Non-Ferrous Blade
Whi1000-000A   14"X 1"B X 60TH ATB Saw Blade
Whi1000-000Q   14"X 100TH CT TCG Blade
Whi0212-0001   18"X 1" 100T CT TCG Blade
Whi0212-0169   18"X 100TH X1" TCG Metal Cut Blade
Whi0212-000B   18-1/8" X 1" X 100 Tooth ATB Blade
Whi0212-000A   18-1/8" X 1" X 60 Tooth ATB Blade
Whi0216-000A   20" X 1" X 120 Tooth ATB Blade
Whi0216-000C   20" X 80TH X 1"B ATB Blade
Whi0216-000B   20"X 120TH X 1"B TCG Blade
Whi0216-000D   20"X 120TH X 1"B TCG Non-Ferrous Blade
Whi0212-0018   212 Blade Insert
Whi0216-0006-1   216 Hinge Bracket
Whi1130-020R   25' Rule Tape Left To Right 3/8" Self Adhesive
Whi1130-020L   25' Rule Tape Right To Left 3/8" Self Adhesive
Whi1000-0046   3 Way Foot Pedal for Whirlwind Saw
Whi9000-006A   3-Way Roller Air Valve
Whi1160-0004   4' Roller Table Section - Roller
Whi1160-004A   4' Roller Table Section - Solid
Whi1000-147K   5/32" Air Line Black per foot
Whi1000-147B   5/32" Air Line Blue per foot
Whi1000-147C   5/32" Air Line Clear per foot
Whi1000-147G   5/32" Air Line Green per foot
Whi1000-147R   5/32" Air Line Red per foot
Whi1000-147Y   5/32" Air Line Yellow per foot
Whi1000-043F   5/32" X 1/4" NPT 90D Pushlock Fitting
Whi0212-037K   5/32"X 1/4" NPT Push Lock Straight
Whi0212-044B   5/32"X 1/8" NPT Push Lock 90 Elbow
Whi1000-153B   5/32"X 1/8" NPT Push Lock Straight
Whi1000-151B   Air Blow-Off Nozzle
Whi9000-0049   Air Cut-Off Backet - Old Style
Whi0212-0136   Air Cut-Off Caution Label
Whi0212-0126   Air Cut-Off Valve
Whi1000-054B   Air Line 16" - FRL To Cylinder
Whi1000-054C   Air Line 24" - FRL To Cylinder
Whi1000-054D   Air Line 28" - Foot Valve
Whi1000-054A   Air Line 34" - Cutoff Valve
Whi1000-151A   Air Line 72" - Blow Off
Whi1000-0050-5   Air Pressure Gauge 0-160 PSI
Whi1150-001A   Aluminum Spacer - Table Mounting Bracket
Whi1000-0008   Anchor Bracket
Whi1000-0007   Anchor Pin
Whi1000-0003   Bearing Hanger
Whi1000-0142   Belt Cover
Whi1000-0035   Belt For Model 1000
Whi1000-142A   Belt Guard Sticker
Whi1000-027A   Blade Guard Caution Label
Whi0216-0018   Blade Insert 216
Whi0212-009B   Bracket For Roller Valve
Whi1000-0068   Bushing, Control Rod Bracket
PCS14-5   Cantek Cut - off Saw 14" Diameter Blade
PCS18-10   Cantek Cut - off Saw 18" Diameter Blade
PCS24-15   Cantek Cut - off Saw 24" Diameter Blade
Whi1000-022A   Caution Tag - Height Adjustment
Whi1000-152A-1   Caution Tag - LH Blade Rotation
Whi1000-152A-2   Caution Tag - RH Blade Rotation
Whi1000-010D   Chip Breaker Block
Whi1000-0047   Clevis For Shock Absorber
Whi1000-048A   Clevis Pin, Cylinder
Whi7000-0463   Clevis Pin, Shock
Whi1000-0048   Clevis, 1000 Cylinder
Whi0212-0048   Clevis, 212 Cylinder
Whi1000-046A   Contact Block For Foot Valve
Whi9000-0070   Control Rod
Whi1000-0025   Counterbalance Spring
Whi1160-0003   Coupler
Whi0212-0017   Cylinder Pin
Whi1000-0017   Cylinder Pin
Whi0212-037D   Cylinder Rebuild Kit for 3MA Cylinders
WHI0212-037E   Cylinder Rebuild Kit For 4MA Cylinders
Whi0212-037B   Cylinder Rebuild Kit for FW2 & 2MA Cylinders
Whi0212-0146   Door Limit Switch
Whi1000-146A   Door Limit Switch Bracket
Whi1000-0014   Dust Chute
Whi1200-0011   Electrical Switch - Side Box
Whi1140-001B   End Cap Bushing
Whi1200-0001   External Motor Starter (Specify Model & Voltage)
Whi1000-0050   F.R.C. Parker Air Regulator/Filter Assembly *OBSOLETE*
Whi9000-0080   F.R.L. Watts Air Regulator/Oiler Assembly
Whi0216-028B   Fence B 2" Wide
Whi0216-028C   Fence C 3" Wide
Whi0216-028D   Fence D 1" Wide
Whi1000-096A   Fence Washer
Whi1000-0028   Fence, 1000 & 212
Whi0216-0023   Front Blade Cover
Whi1000-0023   Front Blade Cover
Whi1000-0015   Front Door - Model 1000 / 212 / 216
Whi1000-005D   Front Saw Washer - Model 1000
Whi0212-005D   Front Saw Washer - Model 212/216
Whi1000-0130   Front Shield
Whi0212-129A   Front Shield - Model 212
Whi0216-0130   Front Shield for Model 216 ONLY
Whi9000-0009   Guard Valve Assembly
Whi0212-0019   Height Adjustment Bracket
Whi0216-0019   Height Adjustment Bracket
Whi1000-0019   Height Adjustment Bracket
Whi1000-0022   Height Adjustment Knob
Whi1000-0021   Height Adjustment Nut
Whi0212-0020   Height Adjustment Screw
Whi0216-0020   Height Adjustment Screw
Whi1000-020A   Height Adjustment Screw
Whi1000-0006-1   Hinge Bracket LH
Whi1000-048B   Jam Nut For Cylinder
Whi1000-086A-1   L.H. Saw Arbor Bolt (RH Thread)
Whi1150-002A   Leg For Outfeed Table
Whi9000-0071-1   LH Control Rod Bracket
Whi0212-165A   Mini Regulator Mounting Bracket
Whi1000-0043   Model 1000 Air Cylinder 2X4 (Pow-Air-Pak) *SINGLE PORT VALVE*
Whi1000-0010   Model 1000 Guard Clamp Assembly with Front Shield
Whi0212-0037   Model 212 Air Cylinder 2x10 (Pow-Air-Pak) * SINGLE PORT VALVE*
Whi0212-0010   Model 212 Guard Clamp Assembly with Front Shield
Whi0216-0037   Model 216 Air Cylinder 2x12 (Pow-Air-Pak) *SINGLE PORT VALVE*
Whi0216-0010   Model 216 Guard Clamp
Whi0212-0025   Motor 10HP 220/460 3P F213T 3450 RPM ODP
Whi1000-0030   Motor 5HP Baldor ODP 1740 RPM 240/480V 3P
Whi1000-0033   Motor Pulley Model 1000
Whi1000-0029   Motor Spacer
Whi1150-0002   Mount For Leg
Whi0212-0164   Mounting Block For Sensor
Whi1150-0001   Mounting Bracket
Whi1000-050W   Mounting Bracket For Parker FRC Regulator
Whi1250-0000   Mountings For Standard Rule Bar
Whi1000-0051   Muffler P28X1/4
Whi0216-028A   OBSOLETE ** Fence A 1 3/4" Wide
Whi9000-0083   Oil/Air Regulator Bowl - Watts
Whi1000-0103   Oilite Bushing For Cylinder
Whi1000-049A   Oilite Bushing For Shock
Whi1000-039H   One Shot / Amplifier / Mini Regulator Mounting Bracket
Whi1000-0050-2   Parker Air Regulator
Whi1000-0050-4   Parker Body Connector Kit
Whi1000-050B   Parker Bowl Kit / FRC (Schreader Bellows)
Whi1000-0050-3   Parker Water Coalescing Filter
Whi9000-0054   Pilot Valve Dual Port / Flat Side Mount
Whi9000-054A   Pilot Valve Dual Port / Narrow Edge Mount
Whi0212-037A   Pilot Valve Rebuild Kit
Whi9000-0054S   Pilot Valve Single Port / Flat Side Mount
Whi0212-0054   Pilot Valve Single Port / Narrow Edge Mount
Whi1000-004A   Pivot Pin With Clip
Whi0212-0028   Pulley - 212 Motor
Whi0212-0026   Pulley - 212 Spindle with Bushing
Whi1151-0000   Quick Detach Solid Stop
Whi1161-0000   Quick Detach Swing Stop
Whi1000-086A-2   R.H. Saw Arbor Bolt (LH Thread)
Whi1000-005C   Rear Saw Washer - Model 1000
Whi0212-005C   Rear Saw Washer - Model 212/216
Whi0212-0165   Regulator - Norgen 75 PSI
Whi9000-0071-2   RH Control Rod Bracket
Whi9000-12A   Rod Stud
Whi1000-0044   Roller Valve 2 - Way Schrader Bellows
Whi1140-0001   Rollers Assembly With End Caps & Shaft 6-1/2 X 2-3/8 X 3/4
Whi1140-001A   Rollers With End Caps 6-1/2 X 2-3/8 X 3/4
Whi1000-009A   Rubber Cushion
Whi1000-145C   Sensor Mounting Bracket 1000
Whi1000-0049   Shock Absorber Only
Whi1000-142B   Side Blade Cover Plate
Whi1000-0038   Spanner Lock Nut
Whi1000-0041   Speed Control Muffler
Whi1000-0005-1-KIT   Spindle Assembly LH - Model 1000
Whi0212-0005-1-KIT   Spindle Assembly LH - Model 212
Whi1000-0005-2-KIT   Spindle Assembly RH - Model 1000
Whi0212-0005-2-KIT   Spindle Assembly RH - Model 212
Whi1000-0036   Spindle Ball Bearing
Whi1000-005A   Spindle Housing - Model 1000 & 212
Whi0216-005A   Spindle Housing - Model 216
Whi1000-0031   Spindle Pulley - Model 1000
Whi1000-005B-1   Spindle Shaft LH For 1000/212
Whi1000-005B-2   Spindle Shaft RH For 1000/212
Whi0212-0060   Start/Stop Switch - Tabletop
Whi1150-001C   Stiffener For Leg
Whi1150-001B   Stiffener For Table Mounting Bracket
Whi1000-0009-KIT   Stop Bracket Assembly Model 1000
WHI0212-0009-KIT   Stop Bracket Assembly Model 212
Whi0216-0009-KIT   Stop Bracket Assembly Model 216
Whi1141-0000   Swing Stop - Bolt On Style
Whi1000-0024   Switch Bracket II
Whi9000-0073   Trip Dog
Whi1000-000D   Two Hand Control Non Tie Down
WHI1000-0006   Universal Hinge Bracket for Model 1000 & 212
Whi0212-0029   V Belt For Model 212
Whi0212-0006-2   Version Obsolete - Hinge Bracket RH
Whi1000-0006-2   Version Obsolete - Hinge Bracket RH
Whi0212-0006-1   Version Obsolete Hinge Bracket LH
Whi1000-0039   Washer
WHI1200-0002   Whirlwind Part Transformer 1200-0002
Whi0212-0158   Work Presence Sensor
Whi0216-0004-1   Yoke - Model 216
Whi1000-0004-1-KIT   Yoke Assembly - Model 1000 Left Hand Saw
Whi1000-0004-2-KIT   Yoke Assembly - Model 1000 Right Hand Saw
Whi0212-0004-2-KIT   Yoke Assembly - Model 212 Right Hand Saw
Whi0212-0004-1-KIT   Yoke Assembly - Model 212 UNIVERSAL

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